Audrey's Life Voice of a Silent Soul DVD

Audrey's Life - Voice of a Silent Soul (DVD ALVSS)

This is and inspirational documentary film of Little Audrey Santo.  She had a tragic accident at the age of three and is in a coma as a result.  Although Audrey has been bedridden for many years, unexplainable reported miracles and mystical phenomena surround the life of this child.  Even though Audrey is unable to speak or move, thousands of people have been drawn to visit her in her home in Worcester, Massachusetts.  You will be able to watch and examine startling evidence of reported Eucharistic Miracles and Holy Images shedding tears of blood and oil.  You can also listen to and watch those who claim to have had dramatic physical healings and spiritual conversions.  Watch riveting testimonies from Audrey's doctors, priest, family and visitors.

Audrey's Life Voice of a Silent Soul DVD
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