Extreme Mercy, Fr. Donald Calloway's Conversion Story DVD

Extreme Mercy (DVD ExM)

Fr. Donald Calloway's Conversion Story

Filmed on location at the National Shrine of Divine Mercy.  This film will captivate you as you watch and listen to this Surfer Priest; Father Donald Calloway, share his testimony of his very wild young life of drugs and crime.  He tells how he was kicked out of the Country of Japan and of never knowing God, thinking God was only like the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause.  Watch his incredible conversion story turn to his miraculous and eventual love for Jesus and Mary.  Includes Bonus: "Surf's up with Fr. Donald" brief footage of this Marian Surfing Priest and his quest for evangelization to the young.  DVD - 67 minutes

For the "BOOK Version"  See Below:  "No Turning Back"

DVD Extreme Mercy Fr. Donald Calloway's Conversion Story
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