FiREPLACE Your Very Own - Take Me Home DVD

Previously By:  Christine Enterprises, Inc., Hollywood, Florida



Your Very Own - Take Me Home - DVD

Now available on DVD Video FiREPLACE.  Relax and enjoy reading your favorite book, romantic evening, family get together, holiday or party in front of your very own Fireplace.  In Seconds Your TV turns into your very own Fireplace with Natural Crackling Sounds and Candlelight Music.

(option to play with or without music.)

Makes the Perfect Gift for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary, Wedding, Valentine's or Just Because!

Running Time:  60 Minutes with Auto Loop


San Diego-Home Garden - Julie Wheatcroft

"It's chilly out; time to pop the Fireplace Video into your VCR.  The strike of a match is followed by 60 minutes of a crackling fire, in color, complete with soft music.  The camera pans in and out slowly before settling on a distance that makes your television look like the rim of a fireplace.  Put a few family photos and a trophy on the top of your set, and you're on the way to a relaxing romantic evening. 

    But wait!  Warmth, romance and relaxation aren't the only uses for the video.  It's perfect (and safe) for children's slumber parties.  Just make the marshmallows, grab the graham crackers and chocolate bars, and assemble s'mores in front of the fire.  No coat hangers to untwist and no charred marshmallow remains in the barbecue.

   Or invite a few friends to pitch tents in the den and have you own bug-free sing-along.

   The Fireplace Video is ideal for parties anytime of the year and makes a great, uh, housewarming gift.

   It's available from Divine Mercy Publications, Inc.  (prev. from Christine Enterprises, Inc.)


Sun-Sentinel, LIFESTYLE, Section E, Home & Garden - Staff Reports

"Fall Home Show to feature displays, Products...    * A video of a fireplace with dancing flames, the crackling sound of fire, even the smell of burning wood.  There are two versions of the 60-minute video designed to set a mood for romance or holidays; one with a simple fire and the other with candlelight music.  The videos were produced by Christine Enterprises, Inc. Fort Lauderdale, now available from Divine Mercy Publications, Inc."


M. Struthers, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

   "I really enjoy your Fireplace Video.  It's beautiful to watch and listen to.  I use to have a home with a fireplace and I miss it.  Watching the video helps me miss it a little less.  Thanks.  My daughter is a Psychiatrist and she says its great therapy for calming people down."

For more testimonies go to View DEMO above.

DVD Fireplace Your Very Own - Take Me Home
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