Jesus, You Take Over - Novena of Surrender


Jesus, You Take Over   Bk 277


A "Novena of Surrender" to Jesus, You Take Over.  Based on the writings of the Servant of God, Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo, a Priest and Franciscan, a scholar and mystic, born in Napoli, Italy in 1882.  Through this Novena believe and receive the graces to trust and surrender and let Jesus take over in our daily struggles.  Includes a separate "Rosary of Surrender", to be prayed on ordinary rosary beads and also their are meditations and prayers from; St. Padre Pio, St. Faustina, Fr. Solanus Casey and Brother Andre' and much more on trust and surrender.  45 Pages


Jesus, You Take Over - Novena of Surrender
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